At Brigg Primary School we believe that Art and Design should be fully inclusive to every child. We recognise that it stimulates creativity and imagination. We value the importance of Art as part of the children’s entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum. Through our high-quality Art lessons, we will inspire children to develop creative procedural understanding and to think innovatively. Our Art lessons enable children of all abilities to communicate what they see, feel and think through the use of texture, colour, pattern and form, as well as different materials and processes. This in turn, develops competence in controlling materials and tools allowing the children to develop an awareness of the visual and tactile elements of Art and Design.

Our Art curriculum is progressive throughout the school, taught through our half termly themes which focus on the knowledge and skills stated in the National Curriculum. As children progress, our Art lessons we will develop the children’s critical abilities as well as an understanding of their own and others’ cultural heritages through the study of a diverse range of artists. They will know how art reflects and shapes our history and contributes to the diverse cultures around the world.

Knowledge Progression

Skills Progression