Our Curriculum


Brigg Primary School aims to lay the foundations for a fulfilling future by offering a positive, rich experience for all children. This is delivered through a well-designed curriculum that excites and engages every child, providing them with a wide range of opportunities to acquire the knowledge, skills and dispositions to drive their own futures to greater success; becoming well-rounded individuals, global citizens and lifelong learners.

Brigg Primary School provides a happy, safe and supportive environment which focuses upon the emotional, academic and physical resilience of all children and adults, promoting positive mental health and wellbeing. We are committed to building positive relationships with parents, carers, extended families and the wider community.

We believe that children should feel that there are no barriers to their learning and no limits to what they can achieve. The basic skills, understanding and values that all children need to set them on the path to achieve their dreams are at the centre of our curriculum, together with memorable experiences in the local area and beyond. Strong links with the local community are important and we strive to ensure all pupils are well prepared for life in their local area as well as in diverse modern day Britain.

Autumn Term 2023 – We are currently using Cycle B

EYFS Cycle A

Lower KS2 Cycle A

KS1 Cycle A

Upper KS2 Cycle A

EYFS Cycle B

Lower KS2 Cycle B

KS1 Cycle B

Upper KS2 Cycle B










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