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We often ask you to complete questionnaires and give your views about Brigg Primary. Please find below the outcomes of those questionnaires.

You can also leave comments about Brigg Primary on the Ofsted website, by using the following address.

197 responses 

% positive

My child is happy at this school. 


My child is safe at school.


Pupils behave well at school. 


The school deals with any incidents of bullying effectively.  


I know what my child is learning about throughout the year. 


The school responds well to any concerns I raise. 


The school has high expectations for my child. 


My child does well / is making good progress. 


I receive valuable information about my child’s progress.  


There is a good range of subjects available.


The school supports my child’s wider personal development. 


I would recommend Brigg Primary to another family. 


The school’s arrangements for remote learning during lockdown were good.


For parents with a  child which has special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND)  *52 responses

My children has SEND and the school gives them the support they need to succeed.  



Parent Questionnaire Comments 2021

Nursery parent comments

  • My child is making good progress at school.
  • My child has really settled in to school, he’s been through a lot and enjoys school, he enjoys learning, he comes home and sings new songs he’s learnt. He enjoys building with Lego and playing with trains, we are currently working on his pen control where he enjoys dot to dots.
  • Making new friends and singing.
  • My child loves maths and writing but I think she enjoyed sports day the most.
  • My child has really enjoyed making new friends and he adores all his teachers in the nursery.  He loves coming home and telling me what he’s been doing and singing me the nursery rhymes which he’s learnt.

Reception parent comments

  • My child loves doing the challenges and getting on the star, she also enjoys the work, phonics, craft, PE /yoga, go noodle. And I love the photos /info we receive on dojo!
  • My child has really enjoyed Maths this year and is making good progress with his reading.
  • My child seems to be settling in really well.
  • My child love been on the STAR and tells us about all the good work he has to do to get his face on the star. He also loves PE and been active.
  • She has enjoyed making lots of new friends and having a new teacher who she gets on with really well so she is always excited to go to school and loves doing jobs and helping out. She is always coming home showing us new things she has learnt.  She likes playing with her friends and learning new things at school.  She enjoyed the live video calls during lockdown and loved playing the Maths and English games with her friends and teacher.
  • My child enjoys school.  Likes the teachers and the school. 

Year 1/2 parent comments

  • The teachers are amazing and would not choose any other school, I always recommend their nursery as well.
  • My son joined the school after the October half term and he has improved massively especially with his reading.
  • Remote learning was tough for everyone involved but, in my opinion,
  • organised extremely well by Brigg Primary. My child initially found it hard to settle, after moving to a new school. He then found it hard to settle again just a couple of months later after a period out of school during remote learning. Both times, the staff at Brigg Primary were understanding, caring and supportive. He is now very happy at school – thank you!
    I think his favourite things (in his short time at Brigg Primary) have been the sports activities (such as Olympics day) and building beach huts. He was very excited to tell me that he got to use “real saws!”
  • I as a parent could not be more grateful to Brigg Primary and especially his teachers, despite lockdown I feel my child has progressed fantastically and both him and I felt fully supported.  He enjoys all aspects of learning and that is a credit to those who teach him.  I think lockdown highlighted how well Brigg Primary and the teachers communicate with parents and it is a credit to them on how well he has developed and built his confidence.  Thank you for all of the constant updates on Dojo, as a parent I feel as though I have been fully aware and part of all the learning that has and continues to take place.  Thank you all for making a hard year, easier.
  • My child really enjoys school, just all of it. He loves his teachers!
  • My child has enjoyed having his teacher and regularly comes home and informs us of new facts and things that he has learnt in school.  He enjoys his class and is always happy to go to school.
  • My son has thoroughly enjoyed Year 2. Remote learning during lockdown was challenging at times but the positive feedback he received for his work certainly helped to boost him and encouraged him to keep completing the work set. He’s been very happy to be back in school and has really enjoyed the work and activities. Staff members, as always, have been very supportive and he has thrived in their care. Thank you.
  • My child has really enjoyed reading, which has really come on this year.
  • My child loves school, really respects and appreciates the teacher and as a parent I have full faith and respect for the school.
  • My child looks forward to going to school and has enjoyed learning about the life boats and Queen Victoria.  

Year 3 parent comments

  • My child loves school and has been telling me about things she has learned.
  • My son really struggled with home learning but his teachers were absolutely amazingly supportive and helped us through it, despites having so much extra work to do themselves.  We really appreciated the extra help school provided for us.
  • The teacher has been amazing couldn’t ask for a more attentive teacher, he really likes his teacher and she always is there to listen.
  • My child loved the challenges that got sent during lockdown like the make your own school.

Year 4 parent comments

  • My son has thoroughly enjoyed moving onto accelerated readers and is loving reading.
  • Being back in school and returning to ‘normal’. The teaching staff have been brilliant and very supportive.
  • Swimming is really enjoying swimming this year, and it’s an invaluable for my child to learn these skills.
  • My daughter has settled in well from changing schools.
  • My child has really enjoyed the accelerated reader program, and it has motivated her to read some books she may not normally choose. She has also enjoyed the Roman theme and taught us a lot about it at home!

Year 5 parent comments

  • My child has really enjoyed the work and activities this year, and has particularly enjoyed Theme, English and Spanish.
  • The staff, as always, have been very caring and supportive, during lockdown and in school. Thank you.
  • We were very pleased with how the teachers and school generally adapted to and delivered the remote learning in very challenging circumstances; particularly when a substantial proportion seemed to be attending school and the remainder needed the online provision. There seems to have been a very concerted effort in the last few months to reintroduce a normal schedule and fun activities as far as the guidelines permit.
  • The staff at this school have been super supportive of my child’s needs throughout this academic year as they have every year since my son joined this amazing school.
  • The way the school has coped with lockdown has been nothing short of incredible. All the hard work and dedication of the teachers has been very much appreciated during these times.

Year 6 parent comments

  • My child has enjoyed the world war 2 theme this year. He also enjoyed the remote learning and did really well throughout that.
  • My child enjoyed the PGL, and does seem to have used this experiences to gain more confidence.
  • My son has been at Brigg Primary since nursery, and has not had one issue that we as parents have needed to raise. Many thanks to all the staff for the fantastic experience he has had during his primary years. He has achieved well academically and is well set up for moving to secondary school in September.